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About Liverpool for Europe

Liverpool for Europe is a group of local campaigners and volunteers. We are proud to be part of a nation-wide movement dedicated to retaining membership of the European Union. We work closely with Manchester for Europe, and other affiliated groups across the North West. We are active in local campaigns; and in national marches, conferences and social media.

Through our affiliation with Britain for Europe, we also work as part of a broad alliance with the European Movement, Open Britain and Scientists for EU.

You can click on the blue bar above or below, to sign up as a supporter or volunteer. In the meantime, we're pleased to share the latest newsletter from Britain for Europe

By getting involved you contribute to a national debate. Make sure your voice is heard! 


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So, you've signed up as a volunteer, joined an event and bought a t-shirt. So what's next? See our library off campaign materials and videos so that you can help us turn the undecideds and soft "leavers" into hard Remainers!

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