Who Are We?

Liverpool for Europe is a local volunteer organisation campaigning to remain in the European Union. We are 100% self-funded. We are affiliated with Britain for Europe and work in close association with other pro-EU campaigning groups.


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Please get involved and help us stay in the European Union. If you would like to contribute an article or photo to the Newsletter, please let us know on members@liverpoolforeurope.eu

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Our Goals

  1. To campaign in order to keep the United Kingdom within the European Union as a full member.
  2. To engage with the wider Liverpool City Region community, to disseminate information and provide impartial information relating to the European Union.
  3. To provide support to all who feel disenfranchised as a result of the Brexit referendum
  4. To actively defend and preserve the right to move freely between the United Kingdom and the other EEA countries and defend the right to settle and work in any of those countries.
  5. To defend and preserve the right to remain of all current and future EEA citizens who choose to settle in the United Kingdom.
  6. To support and lobby our democratically elected representatives in carrying out our main objectives.
  7. To reject any form of hate, discrimination, and remain totally independent and unaffiliated to any political parties or organisation.
  8. To promote the Liverpool City Region as an inclusive and welcoming place to live and work for all

Meet the Committee

Local people, all volunteering to make a difference and secure the future of our City in the European Union


Steve Gavin (Chair), Patricia Lee (Vice-Chair) and Brenda Ashton (Head of Campaigning)

Can you help us?

If you'd like to get involved, even in a small way, we'd love to here from you. We need all sorts of skills and abilities to build a strong campaign. Please sign up and become a member of Liverpool for Europe today! The clock is ticking...