Letter to Margaret Greenwood MP from our Chair, Brenda Ashton

Imagine our surprise when Margaret Greenwood MP gate-crashed our Stop The Brexit Coup rally in Birkenhead. Greenwood, who has not responded to our requests for support in three years, read out a letter from Jeremy Corbyn but failed to express support for our group and its clearly pro-EU stance.
Dear Margaret Greenwood,
I am writing to you as the Chair of Liverpool for Europe about what happened at the rally that we organised and promoted in Birkenhead on Monday night.
To say that I was surprised at your behaviour is an understatement. As a member of the public, I am truly shocked. As I have never seen you before or been introduced, I thought you were a member of Alison’s team. As a reaction to your request to speak when we were well into the speeches, I was put on the spot and, as a polite person, I did not feel I could refuse a sitting Labour MP’s request. I was uneasy and even more uncomfortable as you read out a message from Jeremy Corbyn.
As you aware, we are a grassroots, pro-remain group having  worked  for three years to stay in the EU. The list of speakers waa arranged  on the basis of parity amongst the political parties.  Everybody else kept to the brief of anti-proroguing Parliament, anti – No Deal, democracy and unity. There was no message requested from Jo Swinson or Caroline Lucas, both of whom have spoken out vigorously in favour of Remain. It was not a party political broadcast opportunity and you had no right to turn it into one.You have done the Labour Party no favours by behaving in that way.
On the matter of your self-publicity on your website. You did not have the courtesy to name us as the organisers of the rally and indeed placed yourself as the first name on the list of speakers when you were not even invited to speak!
Our members have written to you over the years on the subject of Brexit and our potential exit from the EU. There have been scant if any replies.
As you saw fit to manipulate our rally for your own aggrandisement and that of Jeremy Corbyn, I would like to ask you what your views are on the question of remaining in the EU.
Yours sincerely,
Brenda Ashton
Brenda Ashton
Liverpool for Europe