Letters From Our Councils and Mayors

Despite the very disappointing General Election result and the Brexit that followed at the end of January, Liverpool for Europe has remained active. One of the group’s main focus points now is the way EU27 citizens resident in the UK are being and have been treated. We see them as our friends and neighbours, not some kind of bargaining chip.

We have been busy lobbying our local councils and mayors to encourage then to do everything in their powers to support all EU27 citizens resident in our region. See image above for letters from Wirral and Sefton councils respectively.

I think it is fair to say that the response from our two mayors, Joe Anderson (Liverpool) and Steve Rotheram (Liverpool City Region), have been the most positive and supportive. Their letters are below:


Liverpool for Europe will continue to fight for the rights of our EU27 citizens and, as part of a broader movement in this country, will hold this Government to account for the hard/no-deal Brexit it seems determined to inflict on us irrespective of the damage it will do to our economy and society.