Write to the Liverpool Echo!

We would encourage all our Remain supporters to express their opinions by writing to the Liverpool Echo. Provided the letter is well written and well argued, you have a very good chance of seeing it published. The email address is letters@liverpoolecho.co.uk.

A Leave voter called Lara from Halewood had the following short letter published in the Liverpool Echo on Friday 27 September under the title ‘History lesson’:

I am a Leave voter. The UK will leave the EU one day. Why? History tells us that all empires come to an end, the European Union will be no different.

Ignore history at your peril.

Patricia Lee from Liverpool for Europe countered strongly with the following letter that appeared in the Echo on the following Monday (30/09):

In Friday’s issue of the Echo, Lara from Halewood compares the EU to an empire. This notion needs to be challenged and debunked:

According to the English Oxford dictionary, an empire is “an extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a single monarch, an oligarchy, or a sovereign state.”

The European Union, on the other hand, is a political and economic UNION.

The EU has its flaws but it certainly doesn’t rule the UK, or any other 27 members of the union. If it was the case, why would successive presidents of the United States even bother with Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron or Boris Johnson?

Fullfact.org – a fact checking charity recognised for its independence and impartiality, has a page on ‘how the EU works’ and makes the following point: Laws are drafted by the Commission then approved by the European Council and European Parliament.

Now, the Council is the meeting place for the 28 Head of states or government – currently Mr Johnson for the UK, and it sets the EU’s overall policy agenda and its priorities.

As for the European Parliament, it is elected by the citizens of the 28 countries of the union, in a proportional representation ballot (compare this with FPP for British MPs).

And since the number of MEPs per country is proportional to the population, the UK has one of the largest number with 72 MEPs.

So if we don’t like the policies, laws, priorities of the EU, we need to look closer to home and ask ourselves: who is representing us in the Council and European Parliament?

See how effective this sort of letter can be? So, once again, we would encourage all our supporters to do more of this sort of thing, especially when Leave supporters have letters published like the one above that clearly needs a firm resposte. To repeat, the email address is: letters@liverpoolecho.co.uk.