Join us…it’s up to us to Stop Brexit!

If we want to stop Brexit and stay in the European Union, it's up to us! Join our democratic campaign to ensure the people have a final say, either through a parliamentary vote to withdraw Article 50 or via a referendum with an option to Remain in the EU.

If you would like to become a member of Liverpool for Europe, please set up a standing order using the following banking details - membership is just Β£4 per month!

Liverpool for Europe bank details:
A/C: 31865368
S/C: 30 91 00

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Our Commitment as Liverpool for Europe

Liverpool for Europe is fully compliant with GDPR and we commit to both keeping your data secure behind industry standard firewall, and also to ensure you have access and ownership of your data. With your Liverpool for Europe account, you can edit, amend or delete your user data at any time.

In signing up to membership, you are also consenting to Liverpool for Europe storing a minimal amount of your data to maintain contact and your membership records.

However you get involved, Liverpool for Europe would like to assure you of the following:

We will protect your confidentiality (we do NOT store payment details; and we do not pass on contact details to any other person or organization)

We always campaign ethically and responsibly (we do not tolerate hate speech or intimidate from our members or towards our members)

We will use the funds that you have paid purely towards the campaigning objectives of Liverpool for Europe. (We commit to appropriate financial transparency and accountability)

We are 100% locally volunteer and community funded

We actively encourage involvement and representation from all parts of the community, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, economic background or any other distinguishing feature.