Statement from Liverpool for Europe on Tactical Voting in the General Election 2019

Liverpool for Europe has issued the following statement on Tactical Voting in the General Election 2019

Dear Members and Supporters

We are approaching the most tense and complicated General Elections since the start of our campaign to stay in the EU. This election has been caused because of Brexit and we may have difficult choices ahead. We know that people are enduring many emotions at the moment, not least of all, fear that a Tory Brexit government will be returned.

Background and Pro-EU MPs

As a campaign group we are cross-political and are comprised of members of different political parties and none. Our overall aim is to stay in the European Union, which we have been both focused on and fighting for over three years, and to return our pro-EU MPs. You can find out how sitting MPs have voted on EU matters here:

Liverpool for Europe has worked closely with Alison McGovern, Louise Ellman, Luciana Berger and Maria Eagle. Sadly, two of those MPs are now lost to Liverpool. We are vigorously supporting Alison and Maria so they are returned to Parliament.

General Election Activities

We have been concentrating on getting young people registered to vote during the past month, targeting the student population in Liverpool. Voter Registration has been our top priority. The Electoral Commission estimates than one in three young people is missing from the electoral register. The deadline for applying to vote is 11.59 pm on 26 November; 5.00 pm if you’re registering by post. Voter registration and voter turnout are seen as crucial.

Safe Labour seats

Alongside returning our pro-EU MPs, we see getting the Tory Brexit government out as the key to achieving a second referendum or revoking Article 50.  However, we are aware that many people are conflicted about the best place to cast their vote. Many Merseyside constituencies are safe Labour seats where there is no risk of a Tory getting elected. In some of those constituencies, the Labour candidates have supported Brexit in the past. We are encouraging Labour candidates to sign the Remain Labour Campaign Pledge that commits them to support Remain in the event of a second referendum. You can check whether your candidate has signed the pledge here: In those constituencies, if you are not a Labour supporter, you should decide where your vote would be most usefully applied.

Where Tactical Voting on Merseyside really matters!

The two marginal seats on Merseyside, which could be taken / retained by the Tories are:

Wirral West: Labour in 2017

Southport: Conservative in 2017

2017 General Election Results

Constituency Result Second Party Majority Majority by votes / percentage
Wirral West Lab Hold Conservative 54% 5,365 / 12.2%
Southport Conservative Gain Labour 38.7% 2,914 / 6.1%


Currently all the Tactical Voting sites (listed below) recommend voting Lib Dem in Southport although Labour came second in 2017. The Remain United site has predicted vote shares. You can find out about the methodology used to reach their recommendations on the sites.

The recommendation for Wirral West is to vote Labour.

Tactical voting sites (Gina Miller) (People’s Vote)


Whatever your decision, and the ensuing discussions on our fb page, please remember that we are all Remainers and are working towards defeating Brexit.


Brenda Ashton


Liverpool for Europe